Real Time Mail Features

  • Templates

    EMAIL TEMPLATES - Use The Built-In Ones or Customise Your Own

    As well as simple text emails, Real Time Mail has a whole host of professionally designed email templates for you to use or if you prefer you can create your own. Our built-in templates are ideal if you are short on time or have little experience creating your own HTML based emails. Simply alter the text and insert your own images using the easy to use editor. Once created you can run them through the built-in spam checker and via our mail client simulator to ensure everything is correct before sending out. In addition to using built-in or custom email templates you can also upload your own templates from your local computer or import them from web pages.

  • Editor


    Our in-built editor is very easy to use and is similar to using Microsoft Word. It has all the usual features you'd expect to see in a system of this quality plus a few more such as a very hand 'Insert Custom Fields' function to really give your emails that personal touch. Once created you can easily create an email campaign and send your emails out and you can save your template to use again and again. For users with HTML skills you have full access to switch to HTML mode for code alterations if you prefer.


    As well as using our WYSIWYG editor, you can upload your existing email campaign from your computer or import it from your web pages.

  • Personalise


    Sending personally addressed emails massively increases your response rates. Real Time Mail not only enables you to personalise the email content but also the subject line of the email, greatly increasing your 'open' rates. You can even pull personalised content into the body of your emails such as renewal dates or previous products purchased.


    To ensure subscribers to your mailing lists are the true owners of the email address they've submitted. Real Time Mail can automatically send them an email containing a confirmation link . This also ensures they have provided the correct spelling of their email address. Once confirmed their details are added to your mailing list. (This process, known as double opt-in can be turned off if required).

  • Un-subscribe


    Another great feature of Real Time Mail is its automatic processing of unsubscribe requests and bounced emails. People who un-subscribe are removed from your database immediately. Bounced emails (old non-existent email addresses or temporarily full mailboxes) can be processed automatically too and you can choose how they are managed.

  • Spam


    Spam filters are getting more and more sophisticated in their filtering and it's important to eliminate as many potential problems before sending email campaigns.  Therefore, before you send your emails, Real Time Mail can check for recognised spam words and create an easy to follow report so you can quickly rectify any suspect areas. This is a great feature to further increase the chances of your emails getting through to the recipients.

  • Compatability


    Again, designed to maximise the effectiveness of your emails, Real Time Mail will highlight potential problems across popular email clients such as:

    Microsoft Outlook


    You can also preview your emails in the different formats to ensure they display correctly before sending

  • RSS


    Each time you send an email campaign Real Time Mail automatically creates an RSS archive useful for displaying on your website or anywhere that supports RSS.

  • Auto Respond


    If you're looking to create a truly automated email management system you may want to use Real Time Mails auto responder feature. This allows you to set up automated replies to be sent to your customers after predetermined periods of time. For example you could send a 'Thank You' or 'Welcome' email immediately after someone subscribes and then your Newsletters could send out automatically at preset times thereafter. As you'd expect from Real Time Mail you can track the opens and clicks on your auto responders too.

  • Triggers


    This is a great feature that really helps you make the most of Real Time Mails ability to track open and clicks. You can use triggers to perform a task to a subscriber after they initiate an event such as opening your email, or clicking on a link. As per the example opposite you could send out an email campaign and set up a trigger to add subscribers who click on a particular link to another group, or send them out another email after a pre-determined period of time.This really does take your automated emailing to the next level and enables you to create an all encompassing email management system.


    Forward To A Friend - Allows your subscribers to easily forward your email onto their friends. You can view a report detailing who forwarded your emails.

    Attachments - In addition to sending HTML and text based emails you can also send attachments.


    Embed Image Features - This allows you to send images as attachments to enable your users to view your emails offline if required.


    Duplicate Email Contacts - Real Time Mail will not allow duplicate email addresses to be added to your contact lists so your subscribers will only receive one email. Also, if a subscriber unsubscribe's from a list Real Time Mail will not allow their details to accidentally be re-entered without your manual authorisation.


    Sending To Multiple Lists - If you have numerous contact lists you can send to them all, or just a selection and duplicate email addresses will be automatically removed.


    CAPTCHA Support - Eliminate automated posting of spam through your forms by adding our CAPTCHA form feature.


    Split Testing - This enables you to determine which of your email campaigns is performing the best by comparing open rates and click-through rates. Real Time Mail enables you to test unlimited variations in a single split test.

    Contact List Management - You have full control over the management of your contact lists and content. You can add contacts one by one or bulk import existing contacts from Microsoft Excel, Outlook or a CSV file.

  • Support

    After sending your HTML emails Real Time Mails tracking system springs into action and records which subscribers have opened your emails along with the time and date.

    Reports are displayed using a variety of charts and graphs for easy viewing.


    Click Tracking - If you send emails out containing links, Real Time Mail will even track which subscribers click on which links. Armed with information you know exactly what your subscribers are interested in and can contact them accordingly.


    Google Stats


    Throughout Real Time Mail, as well as instructions and tool tips for each element there is also help and advice to assist you in sending out great email campaigns. Our built-in comprehensive knowledge base is packed with great advice.

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